Harris Madden & Powell

Harris Madden & Powell has an internal claim staff dedicated to ensuring that your claim is handled quickly and fairly. We understand when you file a claim it is the opportunity for our agency and insurance company partners to deliver on the promises we make at a time when you need us most. Our claims staff will work with you and your insurance company to facillitate the settlement of your claim. As a professional independent insurance agent, our first committment is to you.

To assist you with filing a claim, we have provided you with contact information for the insurance companies we represent if you wish to report the claim directly to the insurance company. If you are a commercial insurance client, we also provide you with the standard claim forms that may be completed and faxed to our office. We also provide you with direct links to all fifty states to secure workers' compensation related claim forms.

As always, you may also contact our claim staff to report a claim. We stand ready to assist you.


Harris Madden & Powell, Inc.
1770 Kirby Parkway
Ste. 320
Memphis, TN 38138

Main Phone Number: 901.312.5300
Facsimile: 901.853.9943
Toll Free: 800.559.5061


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