Clients often discover the real value of their agency after they suffer a loss.

While our goal is always to avoid a claim in the first place through strong risk management, should one occur, the internal claim staff at HMP is dedicated to finding swift resolution, as well as treatment that is both fair and respectful of everyone involved. You can be assured that we’ll always fight for your best interests and will facilitate any required follow-through with your assigned insurance carrier.

There are numerous ways to file a claim, and you can choose whichever route is most comfortable for you. Of course, should you have any questions before, during or after a claim, please touch base with your primary HMP contact for direction or assistance. (create buttons for each option below)

Contact the HMP claim staff to discuss your claim

Both personal and commercial clients can call us at 901.312.5300 or 800.559.5061.

Fax a standard claim form to HMP

Commercial clients can download the standard claim form. (need link)

Once complete, fax to 901.853.9943.

Directly contact the insurance company that carries your policy

For commercial clients, links to carriers in all 50 states can be found here.